Are you up to the Explorers Osceola Challenge?

Florida National Scenic Trail Sign

The Florida Trail is a hiking trail that runs 1,300 miles through Florida. Portions of the trail within National Forests are designated National Scenic Trails.  The portion running through the Osceola National Forest, in Baker and Columbia counties, is 18.8 miles long from the Olustee Battlefield State Park Trailhead to the Deep Creek Trailhead.  Various trailheads and intersections allow most of the trail to be broken into 3 to 4 mile segments.

The challenge is to hike the entire length of the trail within the Osceola National Forest.


1.  Hike the entire 18.8 mile Florida Trail within the Osceola National Forest.

2.  Maintain a journal of your hike including the dates, starting times and locations, ending times and locations, and name of those on the hike.

3.  Hikers must carry their own personal supplies including water, snacks, and clothing.  (You cannot use your parents as "pack mules".)  Safety and group equipment may be distributed among the group.

4.  There is no time limit.  You may spread out your hikes over as long a time as you would like.


You may hike as small a segment as you wish on any one trip.  (Remember you will need to go between two points that you can drive to.)  Most segments may be as short as 3 to 4 miles.

The segments do not need to be in sequential order.  You may want to hike a southern segment one day and a northern one on another.

The segments do not need to be all in the same direction.  You may wish to go north one day and south another.

Add more information to your journal, including weather conditions and what you saw of interest on the hike.

Take photos of your hike.  Include landmarks, signs, items of interest, and the people on your hike.

Give us the information on your hikes, including photos, and we will create your own personal page on the Explorers web site to keep track of your progress.

Of course the hikes will be more fun with friends.  Let us publicize your plans so that other Explorers can join you.  We can have group hikes, which also makes the "car shuffle" easier.  Sandy and Bruce will be happy to help plan your hikes and be your guides whenever possible.

Those who complete the challenge will receive a special "National Scenic Trail" patch, and we will try to get some other outdoor related rewards.

Let us know what you think of the idea and if you are interested in accepting the Challenge.